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Date of soft launch of http://www.SAMOpportunities.in /

: May 14th, 2011.

About Us:


Products of the Network are online news aggregators, blogs, forums, bookstores, databases and directories. Currently 7 (seven) are active online and listed below. Several more are under development, scheduled for launch in  July 2011.

The focus is divided into 2 categories . One Category is for the Consumers (Business to Consumers: B2C)  and the other is for Trade (Business to Business: B2B ).


B2C – serving the needs of the CONSUMER :

Segment: Deals and Bargains  :   Catering  to All

(1) Deals and Bargains

http://www. 100sOfDeals.com

provides  News and Updates on the Deals, Discounts, Bargains, Cheapest, Rebates, Offers and Savings available to the Consumers.


Segment: Beauty and Fashion  :  Catering to Women, Teenagers and Girls

(2)      Beauty – Henna Designs, Bridal and Festive MakeUp and Tattoos –

http://www. BeautifulHenna.co.cc

A information source with news, articles, videos and useful tips . It caters to the , the “Art of Henna” (also known as Mehndi) in decorating  the hands, feet and nails of women (young and old). It is practiced by 1000s of millions across the Middle East, South Asia and much of the African continent.

Henna is used to adorn Brides during weddings and by all during bridal occasions. It is also widely used at  engagement ceremonies and generally all festive occasions  by young girls, teenagers and women who dye themselves with intricate designs, patterns and motifs to beautify themselves.

This is in todays concept without any geographical borders, as all these nationalities have moved in  large numbers and have migrated and resettled in the west and still practice the cultural traditions of beatification with Henna (Mehndi) designs. These contries ( a simple google search will confirm) are the USA, Canada, U.K., France, Ireland, Scotland, Malaysia, Australia etc.


Segment: Benefit to All Minorities in the South Asian countires.

http://www.SAMOpportunities. in

( 3) SAM : South Asian Minorities

South Asia inclusion of countries- the 9 (nine) countires : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malidives, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Iran

An easy to use and immediate benefit to users and readers. An Aggregator of Positive Opportunities to all in South Asia. Though it is created for the opportunities for Minorities, a large part of the information content will benefit all.


Segment:  Education :   Catering to the Youth / Students

(4 )    Loans, Grants, Scholarships for Education

http://www. StudentLoanCentral.co.cc

Student Loans Central, is  a blog that provides useful information, leads and tips on where aspiring

Students can look for Grants, Aid, Scholarships, Loans and other Financial sources of support that are

Available to them, in order to pursue their higher education.


Segment: Health Care: Catering to All

( 5 )       Health / Medical Care and Wellness Tourism –

http://www. CareTourism.org

An useful source of information that is aimed at providing news and information, videos and tips on Health/ Medical care and Wellness care available beyond international borders. It is aimed at providing options to the people to are looking to travel beyond borders to seek medical treatment, surgeries, implants, replacements, therapies and alternative sources of care that suit their budget, availability and within the time required and the specialists they are looking for.

*** over 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry  (source: Wikipedia.org)



Segment:  Country Specific : India and Indians

( 6 )    Forum: Positve News, Facts and Achievements about Indians and India

http://www. IndiaPositive.co.cc

(  Positive News. Celebrate.  Read.  Post  )

This is a Forum that “celebrates” all the positive achievements of Indians at home, PIOs, individuals with Indian ancestry and NRSs etc. from India and for wherever they are , either at home or from around the world.

IndiaPositive is a vision, to eventually create a one-stop hub  that provides a unique platform where members actively engage with the news, information and data they read, by posting comments to the headlines, articles, links , media coverage and posts.


B2B – serving the needs of BUSINESS :

(1)       Transportation by Air, Sea, Land,  Rail, Logistics and Supply Chain Management –

http://www. LnnNEWS.com

LOGISITICS NEWS NETWORK (LNN): An online news aggregator and blog that covers air cargo, airports cargo, sea cargo, seaports, marine and shipping, land transport, trucking, rail freight, materials handling, warehousing, free zones, free trade zones, special economic zones, software and I.T. for the above industries / sectors and supply chain management.


(2) ONLINE BOOKSTOREBooks and Reading material on Transport by Air, Sea, Land, Rail, Logisitics and Supply Chain Management


The 1st dedicated online Bookstore for all modes of Transportation.


To Contact :  Email  : <  WellnMed@gmail.com >



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    I know a little boy who is from kerala and has been suffering from heart disease.he was diognized a small hole in the heart.when he was born. He is hailing from a very poor financial back ground and is below 10 years of age. I would like to know whether he can get the help and is eligible for the financial support for the operation.

    Fr. c.p.anto


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